Each contest has several progress tiers. As you, your guild, or the server earn points to reach each threshold, you’ll earn those rewards. They will be delivered to your game mailbox immediately when you reach that tier. In guild contests, you and your guild members work together to reach the progress tiers.

In guild contests, you must be a member of the guild for more than 24 hours to receive any rewards. If the guild accumulates progress rewards before your 24 hour window is done, you will not be eligible to receive progress reward tiers that were already achieved. The new guild member will be eligible for any future progress reward tiers that are achieved in the contest after the 24 hour time is over.

In Co-op contests, you must participate in the contest in order to receive the progress rewards. If you participate after a progress tier has already been unlocked, you'll receive those rewards after you participate.

At the end of the contest, check the rankings to see how you or your guild stacked up against everyone else on the server. There are rewards for rank placement based on the numeric or percentile rank. Rewards are delivered to your game mailbox after the end of the contest. In guild contests, everyone in your guild gets the same reward.

For each contest, the top scoring player, or members of the top scoring guild will have a champion trophy next to their name in chat. This trophy lasts until the next contest, and the trophy is passed to the new victor.