The Heist is a real-time cooperative game mode that you can play with up to four other players.
Each player controls five heroes on the city map, who move, investigate, stand guard and battle.

Your goal is to find the Thief and defeat her before she steals all of the Valuables. Winning the Heist rewards Heist Tokens and Guild Influence. You can also earn Disk Power at higher difficulties.

Direct your heroes around the map to investigate, stand guard and battle.

Tap on the white pins, which are Points of Interest (POIs). Send your heroes to investigate to find a clue, get ambushed by Creeps, or find the Hideout. As you collect more clues and fill the clue meter, the white circle will shrink, helping you narrow down the location of the Hideout. The Hideout is always inside the white circle.

While you’re tracking the Thief, she’s moving around the map, looting Valuables. If you know where the Thief is, tap the pink pin to assign a hero to guard it. The valuables turn black once the Thief has stolen them. There’s a valuables meter at the top of the screen.

The Thief is always moving around the map, and her last known location is marked by the black circle. The size will show how precisely you know the Thief’s location, and the darkness will show how recently you saw the Thief.

Completing a Heist awards Tokens for Valuables remaining and 3 each time one of your heroes was in a winning fight. If you win you also get Guild Influence per players and Disk Power for playing on Medium or higher difficulty.