Each player receives 1 Heist Ticket per day. Your ticket can be used to join an existing Heist or start a new one.

The ‘Join a Heist’ screen includes public Heists and private Heists you’ve been invited to join. Here you can see how many players are currently in the Heist, the remaining valuables, and if you have 5 heroes who can join the Heist.

You can view any Heist on your list and join from the menu screen if there’s space available. You must win each difficulty level (Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard) before you can start or join the next.

Players gather in the Heist lobby to talk strategy and get their Heroes ready. The owner of the Heist will have a start button which begins the Heist and once a Heist is started, the Thief is off and running.

Once you join a Heist, you must choose 5 heroes. Only one of each hero is allowed in each Heist, so if other players have already joined, some heroes won’t be usable. In addition, a few, randomly selected heroes will be ‘off duty’ each day. No one can use those heroes on that day.

Your Heroes must be a minimum level to join a Heist:
  • Easy: Level 50
  • Medium: Level 60
  • Hard: Level 70
  • Very Hard: Level 80
  • Super Hard: Level 100

Each player is assigned a color.