After investigating a POI, a hero can be ambushed. While ambushed, the hero cannot do anything else. Only the hero’s owner can initiate a fight against the ambusing Creeps. If the fight is a victory, the hero is available to act!

Catching the Thief
A hero near the Thief has a chance to spot her. If spotted the Thief will run from the hero, who will automatically chace and catch her. Once caught, a fight against the Thief must be started within 60 seconds. Any player can start this fight. If you defeat the Thief, she loses one of her lives (easy and medium difficulty only).

Finding the Hideout
Once the Hideout is discovered, any player can start the final battle against the Thief. There is no time limit to start this battle, but the Thief will continue to steal Valuables.

These red POIs appear outside the white circle. Investigating these POIs triggers a battle that awards 12 clues upon victory. Accomplices appear in Hard difficulty and above.

These are special ‘ward’ POIs that appear on the map. Each active bodyguard provides a buff to the Thief’s team when fighting her. Defeat the Bodyguard POI to remove that ward. Bodyguards respawn over time. Bodyguards appear in Super Hard difficulty.