Chat is intended to help players become part of the community, answer each other's questions, invite friends to join a guild and interact socially. Players are allowed to participate in the in-game chat channels provided they follow the guidelines outlined below. PerBlue moderators have sole discretion in determining whether or not behavior in chat is considered friendly and welcoming.

Suspension Policy & Warning
Players who choose not to follow these rules are subject to chat silences (either temporary or permanent). Chat silences are issued by PerBlue staff only, and may be done with or without warning. Players may not dispute silences. We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of other players' beliefs (political, religious or otherwise), insults or slurs about a player's country of origin, nationality, ethnicity or sexual orientation, and derogatory comments regarding race, religion and sexual orientation, whether directed at another player or not.

Chat Block
Use the Chat Block feature to block offensive language posted by others in chat. Tap on the player's name in chat and then tap the block symbol (the circle with the line through it). No messages from that user will appear in your chat going forward. You can unblock users by tapping on your avatar icon and then "Blocked List". If you recently blocked someone, you will need to wait a week before you can remove the block. You can also turn off chat previews by tapping "Settings" on the same screen.

Rules for All Chat Channels
General discussions and conversations are welcome. If you are here to make friends, we welcome you! Global chat is meant to allow players to ask each other questions about the game, give each other advice, and build a positive community.
  • No harassment of other players or of people outside the game.
  • No discussion of sex (including sex acts, and the sexual orientation of others), drugs, politics, or religion.
  • No obscenities in any language.
  • No spamming or flooding the chat causing conversation to be difficult.
  • No discussion about moderators, their practices and any banning that has or has not taken place.
  • Do not request or discuss moderation within chat.
Reporting Other Players
If you feel you have been bullied or harassed in chat, please tap on the player's icon and block the player. Once that is done, please use the Report Player feature. This will provide us with enough information to research the issue.

We care deeply about our players, and we want you to be a part of this community. We will not catch every comment or remark, but will take the necessary course of action on reported conversations. Please be advised that not every report will result in a suspended player, as all suspensions are at the discretion of PerBlue staff.