Selling, buying, sharing, or giving game accounts to other players is against our terms of use. 

Each player is responsible for maintaining the security of their game account, and the accounts that are linked to the accounts for recovery methods.

Sharing accounts puts players at risk of exposing personal information to other players. It is never a good idea to share personal information with people you meet online.

Shared accounts are at risk of being stolen. Any progress or purchases made on that account would be lost to the player. It is very difficult to recover accounts that were being shared because the proper owner of the account cannot be identified.

Shared accounts may be banned in order to protect a player’s personal information. Any devices associated with that account will be flagged, and any linked accounts automatically banned.

Account salespeople are not what they seem. They'll take your money without ever actually giving you an account. Help prevent scamming by refusing to buy or sell accounts, and reporting those who do!