Challenges are mini quests that require you to do a certain task in a specific amount of time. Completing a challenge earns you a unique sticker for your collection.

There are 4 types: Starter Challenges, Weekly Challenges, Pick ’Em Challenges, and Book Challenges.

You’ll begin with a set of Starter Challenges to show you how it works. Once you finish one, it’ll automatically activate the next one. There are 5 starter challenges in all.

Every Wednesday morning at 5 AM CT, everyone on the server gets the same two Weekly Challenges to complete. You get the whole week to complete them. If you miss any, you can go back to the Weekly Challenge Book and purchase them for completion at any later date.

Pick and choose which challenges you want to do with a Pick ’Em Challenge. You can buy them one at a time, activate them, and work on them as you like.

You can also purchase a themed challenge book that contains several challenges. Buying the book gives you a 10% discount versus buying the challenges individually.

You can work on up to 4 challenges at the same time. There are 2 dedicated slots for Weekly Challenges. Everyone gets one free slot to work on any other purchased challenges. You can purchase an additional slot with diamonds.