Robots are invading the City! Scour the city to find Breakers, then work together with your guild to defeat the bosses!

Breaker Quests are a set of fights that you win to earn Breakers. Each Breaker Fight has defensive bonuses called Wards that make the fight harder. You can clear the Wards individually to make the Breaker Fight easier. The difficulty of the Breaker Fights increases as you progress. Your heroes’ HP and energy persist between fights. You will need to collect Breakers from these battles in order to attack bosses.

Guild Bosses are high-health enemies that take multiple attacks in order to defeat. A normal attack on a boss costs 1 Breaker. A Strong Attack costs 3 Breakers and does 5x damage. Multiple guild members can attack a single boss. Your heroes’ HP and energy persist between fights against bosses. When a boss is defeated, everyone who participated (made an attack) gets rewards. There are rewards for finding the boss, doing lots of damage, finishing off the boss, and more. Defeat the boss within the allotted time, otherwise the boss will escape!

Invasion enemy Rank scales based on your Team Level. Starting at TL 70, Invasion enemies go up one Rank every 5 Team Levels. The Rank is set at the start of the Invasion and won't change until the next one starts. Guild Bosses have the max Rank available on the server. Higher Ranked enemies have higher rewards!

As you defeat bosses, you earn Boss Tech, which you can use to purchase Invasion Boosts from the Invasion Shop. These items expire at the end of the Invasion, so use them up!
  • Hero Power-Up increases a hero’s strength for the remainder of the Invasion. Each point of power up makes a hero approximately 5 hero levels stronger.
  • Hero Revive will allow you to return a hero to full health, or revive a hero who is KO’ed.
  • Slow slows the move and attack speed of the enemy team.
  • Armor Shred reduces the enemy Armor by 50%.
  • Reality Shred reduces the enemy Reality by 50%.
  • Invincibility makes your team invincible for the first 10 seconds of combat.
  • Energy Regen increases the energy regen for the team.
  • Shield grants a Shield to the team that scales with the hero level.

If you need a little boost to get through the battle, purchase a Supply Crate! These crates have temporary resources to help with the current Invasion. They can also contain Mods and Mod Power to boost your heroes, both during and outside the Invasion. The supplies in the crate increase in value as the price increases.

As you defeat Breaker Quests and Guild Bosses, you earn Invasion Points. Collect these points to earn progress rewards during the Invasion and rank rewards, both individual and guild based, at the end of the event. Top individuals and guilds at the end of each Invasion are promoted to a new league, where they’re eligible for better rewards in the next Invasion.

Invasions start at noon CT on Monday and last for 5 days. Each Invasion features a team color (from team trials; red, yellow or blue) and a set of featured heroes from that team color. These heroes have a power-up for the duration of the Invasion, and mods attuned to the featured heroes will appear as rewards. Power-up items earned during the Invasion will also only be for heroes of the featured team color.

Invasion items and resources expire at the end of the Invasion, so use it or lose it! This includes invasion stamina, boosts, and breakers.