Server 16 will merge into Server 14 on Monday, March 29, 2021. All accounts and guilds will move and we intend there to be as little disruption to your game experience as possible. Server 16 will be retired after the merge.

Here's some details about what you may experience following the merge.

Guild War:
We will be scheduling the merge to have a minimum impact on Guild War. The merge will not impact wars that are in progress, and will result in more guilds available for matchmaking.

Invasion will be paused for the week of the merge. Unclaimed rewards will be sent to players through a mail message.

After the merge, guilds and players from servers that are merging will see that they have zero invasion points and will demote in the next invasion. This is a display issue only, and players will find themselves in the correct leagues when the next invasion begins.

Creep Surge:
Guilds should not see any change in Creep Surge.

Rankings lists from all servers will be automatically merged and sorted.

All tiers below Challenger will be automatically merged and sorted. Challenger Seasons leagues from each server are merged into the same division, but the leagues will not change. When the next week starts and new leagues are formed, players will be mixed.

Weekly Challenges will be turned off for the week of the merge. Other challenges you may have in progress will continue without interruption.

Collections, City Watch, Heist, Trials, The Port:
These are associated with an individual player’s account and will not be changed due to the merge.

Hall of Fame Medals
The total number of medals earned from contests will transfer into the new Hall of Fame rankings. After the merge, guilds and players from servers that are moving will not have rank medals next to their names. These medals will transfer the next time a contest is completed.

If you have questions about this process, please join us on the forums!