The Wish Crate is a special crate that can award you with hero chips for exactly the hero that you want, including a Jackpot of 300 hero chips! Your chances of winning hero chips from the Wish Crate will ALWAYS increase whenever you open a Wish Crate without hero chips.

The crate can also give you other rewards like resources or items related to the hero you chose, such as red skill chips, Memories, Badges, and Mod Fragments! Beyond that, the Wish Crate can also award generic rewards like gold, disk power, and even another jackpot of 30,000 Diamonds!

You will be able to choose any hero you want with a few exceptions. You cannot select the Sign-In hero, the VIP Crate hero, the Challenger Hero, or any Event Exclusive Heroes.

Want to select a new hero? Use the reset button. Chances do reset for the hero once you do this, so be sure you are done gaining items for the current selected hero!

As always, don’t forget to tap the more information button at the top of the Wishing Well screen for further details.

There are 3 different ways to unlock the Wish Crate
  • Team Level 30
  • If you’ve opened 100 Diamond Crates
  • VIP 5