What is the Prize Wall?

The Prize Wall Event is a new way for you to earn more rewards and even a grand prize!
Each square on the wall has a reward behind it, including one grand prize per wall! Once you find the grand prize, the wall will reset and randomize all over again. Every 10th stage reached will make the grand prize even better, up to stage 100.

How do I earn Prize Tokens?

You earn tokens by completing special daily quests or with limited time deals. Unused tokens will be removed at the end of the event. You spend 1 prize wall token per tile.

How do I use the Prize Wall?

Once you have earned or purchased one of the limited time deals for the prize tokens you can use the Prize Wall. When you have the prize tokens you can then tap on one of the 36 squares to get a prize. There will be one grand prize to each wall which will contain hero chips; the wall will reset once this grand prize is found, reshuffle and go up one level! Every 10 levels the value of the grand prize will increase, up to stage 100.