Trial Events FAQ

What are Trial Events?

Trial Events are exciting new events that will provide interesting and unique challenges!

Where can I find the Trial Events?

You’ll be able to find these events on the Trials Screen and on the Events Screen.

How long will the Trial Events last?

We are hoping to have them year round with each event lasting one or two weeks!

There will be different types of Trial Events!

These events can come in a couple of different forms which can change aspects like how many daily chances everyone gets each day. You can find the Trial Type listed on the Trial Card in the Trials Screen.

Special Rules and Unique Challenges!

These Trial Events will come with their own twists in the form of special rules that make each one unique. These rules can limit what heroes players are allowed to use as well as change up how combat works, just like the Challenger rules.

The icons in the Rules section will display all possible special rules that apply to this trial. You can click on them or press the “More Information” button for more details. These rules can make these battles extra hard and provide a challenge for even the strongest players!