War V2 (coming February 21, 2023)

Earlier this month we announced that there are some big changes coming to War. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve fine tuned and tested many adjustments to give our biggest feature a much-needed refresh. We’re pleased to finally be able to share the changes with you, which will become live with the 4.7 update slated for next week. There’s a lot to read, so grab a coffee or cup of tea and settle in!

War League changes
One of the biggest changes we’re making to War is how the Leagues work. We are removing the win-to-promote behavior and replacing it with true MMR ranges. This means that a single Win will no longer guarantee that your Guild moves up to the next League. Guilds will only climb to higher Leagues if they meet that League’s MMR Requirement.


  • League MMR ranges will be as follows:
    • Unranked - 0
    • Copper 1-199
    • Bronze 200-399
    • Silver 400-599
    • Gold 600-799
    • Platinum 800-999
    • Challenger 1000-1199
    • Legendary 1200+

Once a Guild reaches a League, its MMR cannot fall below the minimum MMR for that League during that Season. This also means that active Guilds cannot fall below 1 MMR as a result of a Loss.

Matchmaking and Season End Changes
In response to feedback from players that War is producing redundant matches, we’re going to change several aspects of our matching system. Matches are going to rely heavily on our newly adjusted MMR formula (matchmaking rating, or a value that determines the skill level of each Guild).

  • Matchmaking and MMR Adjustments

    • Guilds are going to be matched solely based on MMR.
      • Leagues are no longer taken into account.
    • We’ve also adjusted our MMR formula to make Wins more rewarding while making Losses less punishing on a Guild’s MMR.
  • Season End Changes

    • Season rollovers will now reset all Guilds’ MMR while rewarding high-performing Guilds from the previous Season.
    • Here’s how Guilds will be sorted into their starting positions when a new Season begins:
      • The top 10 Guilds (by MMR) are sorted first, with the Guild in 1st being reset to 700 MMR. Guilds ranked 2-10 will decrease by 10 MMR from that first Guild. It looks like this:
        • Rank 1 - 700 MMR
        • Rank 2 - 690 MMR
        • Rank 3 - 680 MMR
        • Rank 10 - 610 MMR
        • This puts the top 10 Guilds in the middle of the Gold League.
      • Then, the Guild that ranked 11th will be reset to 599 (top of Silver League).
        • Going in order of rank (by MMR), Guilds 12th and below will be reset relative to the 11th place Guild.
      • This is where the War Season will start.
    • Unranked Guilds
      • Guilds that didn’t make at least one War Attack in the previous Season will have their MMR reset to 0 and will NOT receive any End-of-Season rewards.
      • Unranked Guilds will no longer show in the Guild List for any Leagues
      • Unranked Guilds can return to War later but they will not receive Win Rewards on their first win

We’re increasing rewards across the board and making them better for everyone. Expect to see some new rewards when you reach the top! The Win and End-of-Season rewards have been revamped for all Leagues to be more in-line with the current game as well.

  • Win Rewards

    • Win rewards will continue to be distributed through the War Boxes, and will still use the, “draw three / pick one” system.
    • Win rewards are now based on the Guild’s current League instead of the number of wins they have.
      • If you win a War that bumps you up to the next League, your rewards will be based on the League you were in DURING the War, NOT your new League.
  • End-of-Season Rewards

    • All Leagues now receive End-of-Season rewards!
    • End-of-Season rewards will be distributed through the game’s Mailbox upon Season end instead of through War Boxes.


  • You’ll get ALL of the rewards set for your League, no more “draw three / pick one” for these.

  • The Top Five Legendary Guilds now receive exclusive timed rewards!

    • These get activated automatically upon Season end and will last for the entire next Season before they expire.
    • Exclusive rewards include:
      • Avatar Borders for players and their Guild
        • The Guild that finishes the Season in 1st will receive:
          • |203.99999999999997x161
        • Guilds 2-5 will receive:
          • |219.00000000000003x164
      • Drop Boosters, which increase Gold, Hero XP, and Skill Chips gained from Normal and Elite Campaigns respectively.
  • Drop boosters have 3 tiers that increase drops by different amounts

  • The 1st place Guild will receive the Large Drop Booster

  • The 2nd place Guild will receive the Medium Drop Booster

  • The 3rd-5th place Guilds will receive the Small Drop Booster

  • Removing Legendary League Reward Multiplier

    • We’re removing the reward multipliers from the Legendary League. Since the rewards are increasing and will be better overall, we felt this multiplier was no longer necessary. It also caused some issues for us on our end.

Car Bonuses and Perks

In the refreshed War, Car bonuses will scale with the game by using a percentage instead of a flat number. Each Car bonus, 1-6, will increase the perk’s value by 0.25%. Here’s an example:

  • Car Bonus 1-Level 1 is now, “Reduce attacker HP by value: 1%”
    • Level 2 is, “Reduce attacker HP by value: 1.25%”
    • Level 3 is, “Reduce attacker HP by value: 1.5%”

There will be more Guild Perks and ways to spend Guild Influence coming in an update following 4.7

New Sabotage Perk Icons
We’re changing these four icons to make them more distinguishable in the game.