Disks are special items that heroes can equip and upgrade. Each disk is designed to enhance key traits of the hero who equips it.

Whenever you complete the first episode of a friend campaign, you will unlock a memory disk for the primary hero in the friendship. A memory disk is a permanent memento of the heroes’ friendship!

If a hero has more than one friend, that means that hero can unlock more than one memory disk. But each hero can only equip one memory disk at a time.

Like a hero, a memory disk has both a level and star rating. Both can be upgraded to unlock the full power of the disk.

Upgrading disk level requires disk power. Disk power can be earned by completing missions and completing stages in City Watch hard mode. Higher disk levels increase the bonus to one of the hero’s key stats.

Upgrading disk stars requires memories. Memories can be earned by completing missions. Additional stars increase the power of whatever unique ability the disk provides the hero.